Nancy Reagan

img_1636I’m known as the First Lady of Skin Care because of my given name, Nancy Reagan combined with my love of great skin. The spa business has become my life because I simply love making others feel great from the inside out. Bella Reina Spa, has evolved over the years from a “feel good” place into a spa noted for the latest in quality treatments.

Our clients know that the health of our skin, nails, or body comes from the inside. What we do at Bella Reina just makes you a better version of you. A lot of what we have learned has come from my own journey of getting older.

It’s a very odd feeling to have tons of energy, feel fabulous, and look in the mirror and go oh, “somewhere along the line….I’ve aged a little bit – said with lots of laughs.” We aim to change the “oh” to a “wow, “I look fabulous for my age”. We cannot change our age, but we can make us the best version of us!

Our business, a boutique spa, focuses on skin care, eyebrows, body care and nails with amazing vegan, organic and natural treatments. We are not a destination spa, but a weekly or monthly spa that you depend on for your beauty regimen. Because of our team training, we are constantly learning new treatments and expanding our knowledge. We try to focus on what we do best and repeat that over and over.

I started as an esthetician and it sort of grew from there. My team knows that the quality of our spa treatments must be “top notch superior”.

We have expanded our business on line with a shopping website, that has taken our spa philosophy all over the USA. That being said, the spa’s direction is to maintain our focus on wellness, preventative care and stress relief with “real results”.

5 Tips for Women in Business

  1. Strive to be the best, no matter what you do. Why get up every day if it’s not to be the BEST?
  2. Never stop learning. You are never too old or too smart to learn something new.
  3. Listen to the drumbeats. If it sounds like it, it looks like it, it could be something you should pay attention too.
  4. Always give back. It will always come back and it reminds you of those that are not so fortunate.
  5. Your reputation is priceless. The show is always on 24/7 and social media is ever
    present so make sure you live up to your reputation.

What inspires you?

A client that comes to us with a not so great self-esteem and she walks out with a gigantic smile. No matter the treatment, if we can put a smile on someone’s face….that’s what keeps me in this business.

How do you enjoy a day off? OR What is your perfect day off?

A perfect day off includes a facial or a massage, playing with my spinones (dogs), cooking something healthy like beet veggie burgers or flax seed crackers and watching NetFlix!

What are one or two things that many do not know about you?

That I was a very chubby child and always picked last for anything sports related.

What inspires you each day in fitness/health, life, love, family, work, etc?

To me, inspiration comes from how we feel inside. If we can make someone smile, or give someone hope, or make someone feel special, then that is all the inspiration that I need.

Your favorite places/hot spots in PB County?

Love the Farmer’s Table, Rise Sushi in Boca, Zirree Thai & Sushi, Food Shack (Jupiter) and Guanabana’s for food. Workout…love PurLife Fitness and Journey Yoga. Beach…Delray Beach. Morikami Museum.

A few of your favorite things?

Sport fishing, Panama (the country), dogs, and “real” people.

Jessica Rosato

img_1547Jessica Rosato, Dartmouth graduate and Luxury Residential Real Estate Broker Associate with Nestler Poletto Sotheby’s International
Realty, a company known for its global reach and accessibility to the finest homes all over the country. Jessica first came to Delray Beach in 2001 from New York City after completing her Master of Fine Arts Degree from Pratt Institute to open a Ben & Jerry’s franchise alongside her father. She instantly fell in love with Delray and its culture, immersing herself in the community. She created a thriving business for over six years before returning to Burlington, Vermont, where she grew up, for a unique opportunity to work with Music Contact International, a company specializing in the creation of customized concert tours and music festivals in the USA and overseas.

In her latest entrepreneurial role as Luxury Residential Specialist for Nestler Poletto Sotheby’s International Realty, as A “Concierge Realtor”, she has made a name for herself by building a vast network of qualified professionals and acting as the bridge to connect each individual client to the knowledge and resources necessary for a successful real estate transaction.

She is an active member and Ambassador of the Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce where she is also chair of the Delray Business Partners, involved in the Focus on Women committee and a graduate of Leadership Delray. She is the 2016 local chapter president for the Women’s Council of Realtors Greater Palm Beach County where she was honored with the “Rising Star” award and Blue Diamond Circle Awards. She believes in giving back and is associated with many local charities.

5 Tips for Women in Business

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others. . . your journey is significant in and of itself.
  2. Success is about hard work, persistence, determination. . .it’s not just about being in the right place, at the right time, or luck. Putting yourself in situations that are good for you and your business may put you closer to your end goal, but do not ensure that it will happen. You do that. Those that we deem “successful” are successful because they never gave up.
  3. Our lives and our careers are a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t rush through life. Enjoy the journey. Be enthusiastic, show love, take risks, go the extra mile, cultivate your passion and purpose. You attract what you are, and people know it before you even say a word.
  4. Surround yourself with people that lift you up, that tell you the truth, that want to see you succeed and are willing to help you get there. . .this is true for both business and personal relationships.
  5. Work to live, don’t live to work. Achieving balance is so difficult for all of us, but setting small milestones as you work towards your ultimate goal can lighten the load and put your dreams into bite-size realities that allow you to work smart and ultimately achieve more. And don’t forget to celebrate those accomplishments along the way with yourself, family, friends, colleagues and employees.

What inspires you?

My daughter, Jade. . .all day, every day.

How do you enjoy a day off? OR What is your perfect day off?

A perfect day off. . .phone off. . .sleeping in until my body wakes up naturally. . .not having anything planned.

What are one or two things that many do not know about you?

Although I’ve gotten much better over the years, I am terrified of bugs — any kind, anywhere, outside or inside! Oh, the screams I’ve had and the panicked calls I’ve made. Too funny! Apparently, I dug up a biting red ant hole when I was a baby and that experience has stuck with me since.

Guess what? I’m also scared of dogs. Again, although I’ve gotten much better over the years, I am not the person you’re going to call to house sit your animal while you’re away.

What inspires you each day in fitness/health, life, love, family, work, etc?

Talent inspires me. Seeing excellence in others inspires me. Remembering that I am blessed every day inspires me. . . I don’t want to waste my days not taking advantage of all that is out there. If I can make a difference in my life or in the lives of others, I’m in!

Your favorite places/hot spots in PB County?

Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens, Ocean Ridge Inlet Park & Pier, The Girls Strawberry Patch.

A few of your favorite things?

Stormy weather, Italy, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Sushi, Craft Beer, Fall in Vermont, Fine Art and Sculpture (Musee’ Rodin in Paris and the Bernini Sculptures at Villa Borghese in Rome), Costco!

Stefanie Wilson

img_1394I have always had an interest in the spa and retail Industry. I am very lucky that my life’s endeavors led me to my current position.

I discovered a passion for retail at age 17, and then worked in sales, management and merchandising positions. My first retail job in Florida was for the Christmas Shoppe in Delray Beach. There, I learned to set up a store and create displays. I went on to design and buy for future stores, but by then, I was a single mom with two daughters to support. I needed to make more money.

Since I also loved the beauty industry, I got my therapists’ licenses and eventually landed a position as business manager and esthetician for the ELEMIS brand at Nordstrom. My future husband at the time, Tony, was building The Seagate Hotel & Spa. He was confident I could set up the spa and the two retail stores for the hotel. When I said I didn’t believe I could do it, he insisted, “Yes, you can, and you can do it better than anyone.” His confidence led me to where I am today, Director of Spa & Retail for The Seagate Hotel & Spa.

5 Tips for Women in Business

  1. Keep it simple and remain consistent.
  2. Always have a vision. Follow it through. Never accept failure.
  3. Strike a good balance between work, home and yourself.
  4. Stay positive and enjoy life, remembering that each day is a gift from God.
  5. Planning and preparation are never lost time.

What inspires you?

Making people happy inspires and motivates me to exceed expectations. That’s why the concept and direction of the businesses I run are so important. My vision with The Seagate Spa is to create a home away from home for the locals and a memorable experience for all. The spa and the hotel’s stores allow me to express my creativity and utilize my God-given talents. I set the bar high, but I am only competing with myself.

How do you enjoy a day off? OR What is your perfect day off?

I love being active and spending time with my family. The perfect day off for me would be to drive my car on the racetrack, come home, cool down with a swim in my pool and enjoy a wonderful dinner with my family.

What are one or two things that many do not know about you?

I once had a pet wallaby, named Roo, and I love to drive fast cars on the race track.

What inspires you each day in fitness/health, life, love, family, work, etc?

Feeling healthy and happy is a daily goal. I begin each day with a tall glass of celery juice and a swim, when time permits. I enjoy traveling with my family, and I am always searching for unique merchandise to bring back to The Seagate Hotel & Spa. Barre class and swimming are my favorite fitness activities. Most of all, I live for new adventures, especially those I can share with my two daughters.

Your favorite places/hot spots in PB County?

My favorite place for dinner is Casa D’Angelo in Boca Raton. I also love IPIC. The Seagate, of course, is my all-time favorite spa.

A few of your favorite things?

My favorite things are chocolate, a really nice glass of Cabernet and my pool (preferably, at the same time). I enjoy traveling and have a sincere love of animals. That’s fairly obvious from the five dogs and horse I own.

Michele Wright

img_1824-neweditedMichele Wright is an award-winning news anchor. A proud native of Florida, she daily anchors CBS12 News at 10 p.m. on the CW34. She also co-anchors the CBS12 3:00pm newscast and covers special reports in the 5pm, 6pm & 11pm newscasts. Since 2013, Michele has led the CBS12 Extraordinary People weekly segment that spotlights local heroes who are making a positive impact in the community. She has been recognized for her innovative and creative digital media success making a positive impact as a social media Influencer. She is also the creative mind and lead behind Cbs12.com “Good News” section. Michele graduated from Florida State University with a double major in Political Science and Communications. She is an inspirational, motivational speaker and writer, she mentors young people and is dedicated to empowering women & families.

5 Tips for Women in Business

  1. Be grateful for your life, what you have, and all that you’ve already accomplished. Breathe. Nurture you mind, body and soul. Listen to your heart. Wake up with prayer. Keep in mind, you were born to be real, not to be perfect.
  2. Follow your passion. Passion is contagious. I learned my work ethic from my parents and to always believe in yourself. They worked so hard to sacrifice and provide for our family. Do what you love. Love what you do. Be prepared and know that the higher you rise and the brighter you shine, the more opposition you may face. I love the quote, “You may see me struggle but you will never see me quit”.
  3. Be original and be the best you! An original is always worth more than a copy. Know your brand. Recognize what makes you unique in your field. Build on your strengths. Learn and grow from your weaknesses. Reinvent yourself if necessary. Be confident and remain authentic.
  4. Stay connected. Engage and communicate daily with your family, friends, inner circle and audience via face-to-face meetings, phone calls, events and on social media. I love the quote by Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
  5. Give back and help others. I believe God blesses us to bless others. So many people invested into my life over the years, so I’m delighted to pay it forward. Empower young ladies and other women every chance you get.

What inspires you?

People inspire me. I am blessed that my career affords me the opportunity to meet all types of inspirational people. Celebrities, politicians, CEO’s, Clergy, locals, mothers, students, and other incredible women in their field. You never know what people go through, so I try to be kind always no matter who they are. Hearing and telling their stories gives me the chance to learn and grow both personally and professionally. The news never sleeps, so we’re always “ON”. I love it! There is one thing that confirms I am right where I am supposed to be. It’s meeting my diverse group of loyal viewers who have so graciously welcomed me into their homes, say that they feel I’m a part of their family.

How do you enjoy a day off? OR What is your perfect day off?

My perfect day off is spent with family, friends and/or loved ones relaxing with great food and drinks, just enjoying one another’s company.

What are one or two things that many do not know about you?

I am a former NFL Pro-Cheerleader for the Jacksonville Jaguars ROAR Cheerleaders and I love to cook. Being in the kitchen reminds me of precious moments I spent with my mother and grandmother growing up where meals were prepared and served with love.

What inspires you each day in fitness/health, life, love, family, work, etc?

As a Christian, my faith is my foundation. It helps ground me and provides guidance, wisdom, strength and peace. I try to eat healthy, buy local and organic and exercise at least three times a week.

Your favorite places/hot spots in PB County?

I love our Florida beaches. Sunfest. Christopher’s Kitchen. Bolay. Benvenuto. The Breakers. The Seagate Hotel. Eau Spa & Resort. Cafe L’Europe. Il Bellagio. The Green Markets. Morikami Museum. Singer Island. The Kravis Center.

A few of your favorite things?

I’m obsessed with fresh coffee. Sushi and Hibachi are my faves. I love to have fun and try not to take life to seriously. Fresh flowers make me smile. Eco-friendly/organic candles and diffusers set a relaxing mood after a long day. Nothing like curling up in sweats, warm blanket to read a book or watch a movie. I love college football (Go Noles!). I love music and playing the piano. Traveling. I love laughing and making people smile. I come from a USMC family, so with every fiber of my being, I support our troops and veterans/heroes.

Technology’s Role in Women’s Empowerment

By Allison Lopez

As a seasoned business woman, I lost $20,000 trying to build a website! I had done my research, but I still hired incorrectly. At the time, I remembered feeling very frustrated and confused, not empowered. I later learned that I wasn’t even armed with the right questions to ask potential designers, and in fact the website I wanted would require a team, not one designer. This experience drove me to learn everything I could about websites and ultimately fostered a full blown addiction to tracking technology.


Six years later, what role is technology playing in women’s empowerment? This is a question I came to after noticing through my consulting business, that women are resisting technology. This pushed me to do research, which quickly illustrated the tech industry is made up of less than 25% women with an even smaller percentage at the C-Suite level. Further research showed that women own a huge portion of businesses in the USA, but the average earnings are far below males. To top it off, less than 6% of women-led projects are backed by venture capitalists. In short, many women are in business, but are not taking part in the tech startup boom.


Why? One explanation is that there’s a pipeline issue…A great number of girls are losing interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) subjects at middle school level. Another explanation is gender bias in the tech industry. It is rarely discussed that all the women currently in business or outside of business might be lacking exposure to technology. It’s not to be assumed that women in business know more than women outside of business. Women in corporations cannot depend on company training as companies themselves are trying to figure out what they need. Women can grow in their industries by learning what is new in their field helping contribute to what their companies might find useful. That means independent learning to stay ahead. Exposure to technology currently depends on a woman’s lifestyle. However, rest assured that whatever lifestyle a woman lives, it will eventually be infiltrated by technology.


Between the research and my negative website experience, I couldn’t stop myself from doing something about getting women into tech. The thoughts about what happened to me and what I was seeing kept twirling in my head. I finally gathered a few women, formed an advisory council, and started Women Tech & Finance (WTF)—a company with a mission to provide a platform for women to learn about technology.


I have listened to many women dismissing technology as though it doesn’t pertain to them. There is much conversation regarding unconscious gender bias and we must be aware of this reality. The systems and the ways we think are still influenced by the past. It will take men and women working together to drive these changes. Here is why…we as women need to pay attention: It has long been proven that knowledge is power and if that power is going to be effected by the tech sector, which is predominately male, we ought to, at minimum, understand it to ensure our progression.

Technology is moving at an exponential speed. We can no longer escape the basics (i.e. mobile devices, social media and Google), not to mention emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and genome sequencing. We have already seen technology disrupting our traditional systems and ultimately changing our culture. We are facing a complete social shift on many levels from personal to business. Leading the charge are companies with innovative business models fueled by tech. Just look at companies like Facebook, changing the way we communicate; Uber, a car service company that owns zero cars; and Instagram, but no more Kodak. Yes, we are in a time of great disruption and the changes are coming at a faster rate.


The topic at this year’s World Economic Forum was “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution? It’s the convergence of new technologies in physical, biological and digital, resulting in dramatic changes in government, business and society as a whole. Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, wrote The Fourth Industrial Revolution in which he analyzes the advantages and risks of our time. Schwab expresses how we can benefit and undo past revolutions’ mistakes or we could create security issues and greater inequality at many levels. The concern is that organizations and governments may not move fast enough to keep up with emerging technologies. As women, we need to take our place in leading these changes, instead of adopting rules that might not necessary be made in our favor when left to an industry that is predominately made up of men.


There is no doubt that technology is here to stay and will continue to get more complicated. It is imperative that women take responsibility to be part of the technology era. There has never been a time in history like today, where women have easy access to tools that can help them gain empowerment. Technology is the catalyst for opportunity, should a conscious effort be made to embrace it. Yes, the tech industry might be struggling with gender bias issues like the rest of the world but women don’t have to put up with it as tech offers alternatives.

The internet and emerging technologies has created an opening for entrepreneurship, and self-learning that women can leverage. For example, a 3D printer could be purchased for under $2000 and with little practice, designs downloaded from sites to create jewelry that could be placed for sale on platforms such as www.etsy.com. There are even free websites such as www.weebly.com to get started in ecommerce. First-time production could be crowdfunded on sites like www.kickstarter.com.


The list of technology tools, platforms and innovations that women can utilize to position themselves in a place of power is very long.

STEP 1: Commit to participate in the tech game. Ask yourself, how will tech impact what I am currently doing or how can I use tech to better my life? What can I learn to help myself and loved ones navigate this new world?

STEP 2: Let your fingers do the googling

STEP 3: Connect with people in tech. It will still take humans to make things happen.  Collaboration is now a huge part of technology culture as we are realizing that tech is moving so quickly and it makes sense to work together for the betterment of all involved.


As we are on the cusp of entering the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, where change is predicted to be rampant, there is an opening to finally eliminate gender inequality.

There are many wonderful organizations in our community that are working hard to build our technology ecosystem. Check out these places for events on technology and the new entrepreneur culture:

The Virtues of Passion

By Margaret May Damen, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CAP

It was the worst of times.
It was the age of wisdom;
It was the age of foolishness,”

— written by author Charles Dickens some 150 years ago in his epic novel, The Tale of Two Cities, but even more relevant today .

With the gridlock in Washington and discontent in our communities, is Charles Dickens’s epic novel more fact than fiction? And what does all this have to do with the United States and your charitable giving?

From my perspective, quite a lot. If one believes as I do the sage wisdom of the late Robert Payton, former director of the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, that philanthropy holds some of the answers to moving our nation forward in these’ best and worst of times’. “The only basis for a claim of special consideration for philanthropy,” says Payton, “is that it is the principal means by which our ethics and values shape the society in which we live.” Certainly Government gridlock and corporate greed have not kept our moral compass heading due north in recent years. Quite the opposite! These two sectors have darkened the existence of virtue in our society. And when classic virtues come under siege or become incongruous with contemporary social culture and customs where is society to turn for some direction? Where is there a virtuous resolution to a values revolution? And more importantly how does one effectively engage both men and women in the pursuit of a more benevolent and beneficent world.

First let’s define the classic virtues we are talking about. The four virtues that Aristotle identifies in his Nicomachean Ethics as the moral virtues are: prudence (common sense and good judgement), justice (fairness, honesty and truthfulness), fortitude (moral and physical courage, and temperance (moderation of action, feeling and thought). Virtue, Aristotle says, “is the mean between two vices – one of excess, the other of defect-neither too much nor too little being in the best interest of a moral and responsible society” What Aristotle is talking about is balance: courage but mot recklessness, effort but not burnout.

Perhaps it is time to consider incorporating the principles that Riane Eisler writes about in her book The Real Wealth of Nations, She offers a compelling vision of a system that goes beyond conventional economic models to support “caring for ourselves, others, and Mother Earth.” Her theories make a case for including human capital and the core component of caring and care giving as a measure of the true sate of the world economy. She also gives value to the volunteers working in charitable and other venues in civil society and calls this “the hidden system of valuations in which women and the work of caring and care giving stereotypically associated with women is devaluated.” For Eisler, acritical component is returning virtue back in our society is to create a caring economic culture with a shift away from a hierarchal leadership style toward a more democratic and equitable model of leadership based on a mutual respect.

Recently, Ellen Remmer, former president & CEO of The Philanthropic Initiative, Inc. (TPI) in Boston posted two blogs on the virtues of passion to spark and drive personal philanthropy. Remmer writes “Passion in philanthropy is about making a commitment to your most important beliefs and values.” Now more than ever the idealistic dreams of the boom generation have a reason to shine. Save the world one good deed at a time. Wipe off the tarnish of decades of conspicuous consumption and take to the streets with conspicuous compassion with renewed passion and zest.”

In my book, Women, Wealth and Giving: The Virtuous Legacy of the Boom Generation, I identify passion as on the three key principles necessary for each of us to center our search in the pursuit of happiness (Thomas Jefferson – Declaration of Independence) . Life at times can become confusing and complicated. Having the ability to center thoughts and deeds on conspicuous compassion can simplify life and free the mind and soul to be attentive to seeing the needs of others and being open to creative solutions. In charity and philanthropic issues giving with passion can enrich the integrity of our life’s purpose. Giving in this way can identify in our hearts the greatest desires for the use of our time, talent and treasure that we are blessed to control while we are on earth, especially when we engage in doing them in the virtuous spirit of justice, prudence, and moderation It brings clarity of focus to what is important in our life, and it can reprioritize values to redirect wealth into life and to the giving we do in our community. It can move and redirect the moral compass of our nation back toward true north.


Farm to Table

By Lauren May Malis

As the “Taste of America” evolves, Americans’ taste buds are developing, too. Dynamic transformation marks today’s gastronomic landscape, and we find ourselves at a critical culinary crossroads. One path leads us towards a fast-food future which threatens to heap our collective plate with the health issues, environmental concerns, and social consequences we have already begun to taste.

The alternate path, however, leads us towards a sustainable, balanced, and healthier future—one flavored with a celebration of diversity, a respect for tradition, and an eager exploration of the exotic. Along this path, we will discover supermarkets with delicious foods produced by growers from around the globe, as well as by our nearest, most responsive—and environmentally responsible—family farmers. This world of producers has the ability to provide us with a palette for our palates that includes foods rarely available just thirty years ago—foods that can inspire us, titillate our taste buds, and give us true cause for sensory celebration!

And when our interest in fresher foods leads us to supporting our local farms, our local economies benefit, too. The thriving Farm to Table movement gives those of us who don’t grow food a chance to buy directly from those who do. These purchases are actually investments in small, local, food-production businesses, investments which strengthen the economies we live within. Farmers Markets have popped up in various locations across the county.

In addition to the health of our bodies, the wealth of our economies, and the pleasures of the plate, the choices regarding responsible food production raise other concerns. Sustainable food is as important as air or water. Running out of food will create the same disastrous consequences as running out of potable water or oxygen. Supporting the Farm to Table movement, which, in turn, so strongly supports local agriculture, will help us avoid such a disaster and keep our families fed—and fed well, at that.

For so many reasons, then, as we stand at this culinary crossroads, we must choose our next steps wisely. Sure, the fast-food highway may appear the more convenient option. But if we consider all that’s at stake, we might realize there’s another way, a road that leads us towards good food and the slow, significant processes that produce it. If we travel that road, we, along with a growing number of Americans, affirm a genuinely respectful, oh-so-delectable and demonstrably sustainable path of consumption—a path which starts in our own backyards.


On the grounds of the White House, against the imposing backdrop of the Washington Monument and the U.S. Capitol, symbols of American political might, First Lady Michelle Obama grows a garden—an organic garden—and speaks of the ways that America’s young people can benefit from an up-close-and-personal understanding of the origins of the foods they eat. “Healing” and “regenerative” are the powers she assigns to the knowledge children can accrue by learning how to cook foods they have grown themselves.

The goals of a garden-to-kitchen education project also include teaching children to develop a taste for healthy food, which, in turn, can foster their desire for life-long good health—and all the vitality, energy, and mental agility that accompany it. And, in the process of raising and preparing nourishment for their bodies, young people find their minds nourished, as well, since the tasks associated with cooking and gardening can create a sturdy foundation of skills for them to build upon in their later lives.

But the perks of growing, preparing, and enjoying healthy, sustainably-produced foods are not limited to young people. As savvy restaurateurs join the Farm to Table movement, they are partnering with local growers to serve their patrons the most memorable meals based on only the freshest, most enticing, most environmentally responsible ingredients.

Here in Palm Beach County, chefs and farmers are on it. They are forming collaborations that create fresh, delicious menus for South Florida diners.


Thanks to the rise in popularity of cooking shows and “foodie” blogs and publications, the American public now views the role of chef with a greater respect than has ever been the case before. Now, what chefs do becomes fashion. Chefs visit small farms in search of prime ingredients, and foodies, taking note, head to the closest farmers’ market.

In their quest for the best, chefs can create dynamic relationships with local growers, relationships that generate a greater variety of fresh ingredients as local farmers respond to the needs of local kitchens. It is local producers, who, working hand-in-gardening-glove with local restaurateurs, provide the excellent, fresh ingredients needed by chefs to prepare world-class cuisines. This creates a full-circle partnership that benefits every participant in the Farm to Table game.


Today, in addition to vegetable farms and fruit orchards, we have seen an increase in the availability of sustainably produced herbs and spices, sprouts and honey, pigs and poultry, eggs and dairy. Across the nation, these and other foods representing America’s cultural diversity are increasingly available to chefs and grocers who seek to feed the soul of the country as well as the bodies of its people.

This feels right. It feels like going home — to a home that most of us 21st-century urban and suburban dwellers have visited only in books, movies, or our grandparents’ memories.

Farm to Table, and all it implies, returns us to our roots. While it may seem a leap to some, it’s a leap to a system that makes profound sense. It’s as simple as knowing where your food comes from. As simple as having a relationship with the farmer who comes by once a week in dirty boots, and knowing that what you will be serving that night was in the ground that morning.

Committed to Passion


bontia2016-5Bonita Helmer is committed to her passion… Through many trials of womanhood, Bonita stuck to her brushes and continues to reap a successful career in Fine Art. Bonita Helmer sits in her studio, her space, in Los Angeles, California surrounded by her life’s work…Helmer reviews her works, sharing with Palm Beach Woman Magazine her histoire of determination and passion.

Helmer’s works delve into the study of space, time and the human connection or human imposition on the two.

The love of art was born for Helmer at a young age… At eight years old, she started as a dancer in classical ballet and contemporary dance and went on to acting. She always drew and painted in her room to unwind from all the dancing and acting but never saw it as a potential career move. Later on in her 20’s she decided painting was more intellectual and an art form that she could continue throughout her whole life.

Helmer’s works delve into the study of space, time and the human connection or human imposition on the two. Her artworks are of an ethereal quality using techniques that she has refined over the years of her study. Each work changes with the light of day just as you would anticipate in outer space. Helmer is inventive and daring with her uses of materials including spray paint, broken rock shards, impasto materials and glass. These materials create depth and intrigue within the artwork.

bontia2016-17While so few women abstractionist artists exist and many women artists lead their charge with a strong feminist quality, Helmer was inspired to share her feminist values by focusing on success. Considered a “scribe of art & science”, Helmer has explored many avenues in educating her works including Buddhism, Kaballah and physics. Helmer considers herself a contemporary artist using classical techniques drawing from her art ancestors.

The focus on her passion…her life’s work…was not without distraction. After achieving a great success of being invited to exhibit in Paris at the Bateau Lavoire, she re-emerged a little more than ten years later because she, like many women, was balancing family with her career. Helmer is the proud mother of two grown sons, Greg and Ken Helmer whom are both very artistic especially in music. She never stopped painting and she stayed devoted to sticking to her craft. Following a divorce and successful eradication of breast cancer, Helmer was determined to not let her passion get away from her. Determined women always need support and Helmer discovered that in her partner of 18 years, Bruce Kasmer. Helmer says, “He gets it!” Kasmer’s mother created a very successful career in fashion that inspired his love of art. He was there for her through her entire fight with breast cancer. The distractions in her life made her look into what was really important….and that was to focus on her passion and work. Soon thereafter, her career really began to take off.

Helmer recounts that during one of her first shows at George Billis Gallery, attendees would discuss her work saying, “How do you think HE created these pieces?” The gallery director was soon to correct them….”This is a WOMAN’s work…Bonita Helmer’s work.” Helmer has recognized a shift in attendees appreciation and knowledge of her work in recent years. Many audiences that are loving her paintings are in their 20’s and 30’s. “It seems as though their appreciation is because they studied astrology and physics at such an early stage….they could say this is the birth of a star…or otherwise….without even reading the overview,” says Helmer.

Helmer’s resume boasts the fruits of her determination being shown nationally and internationally: MOCA, Beijing; L’space Bateau Lavoire, L’cole des Arts Decoratifs in Paris; MOCA, Los Angeles, Whack-retrospective of Women in Art; International Space Conference in Washington, D.C.; Orange County Museum of Art; Gallery Q, Tokyo; UCLA Dortort Center for the Arts, HUC Museum, NYU Campus; Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA). Helmer has also been commissioned for set designs through CalArts and another supported in part by an NEA grant.

Inspiring others in art has always been on Helmer’s list of passions. Since 1998, Helmer has been teaching at one of the top art schools in the nation, Otis College of Art and Design. Her class focuses on the process of Abstraction titled “Abstraction After Warhol”.

Next on the list for Helmer is teaching within the Exploration Institute. The Exploration Institute is a program in which people with a sense of adventure and curiosity join and explore some of the most fascinating places in the world, with top experts. There are many adventures in the broad categories of Life on Earth, Anthropology, Ocean, Space and Skills. To enter this community, there is a week-long first adventure that all members sign up for called the One Giant Leap. Whether you’re an avid mountain climber, a homemaker, or have been working in an office for years, the One Giant Leap is designed to bring you into the community, be rewarding, focused on your aspirations, and give you the skills and the very strong sense of confidence to take on the other excursions, such as taking on astronaut training or learning biology in the Galapagos. One thing is for sure, the pride in completing the One Giant Leap will last a lifetime, and so will the bonds of friendship with others you share these experiences with.

Exploration Institute believes that immense possibilities will only appear to those with a higher perspective. Those that have had the opportunity to experience the Amazon River with a true tribesman, the Arctic Circle and tribal way of life, astronaut training or submarine school will have the best opportunity to make an impact in their own areas of life. The exposure to ideas and experiences in amazingly inspiring environments will push each one of us outside of our comfort zone so that we can truly explore other areas of lives….creating opportunities for growth.



Helmer will be enlisting her first class, Art as Exploration” this May on the island of Molokai. It is offered to the beginning artist as well as the professional. When asked about her thoughts on leading a class for Exploration Institute, she replied “I am excited to engage with professionals and intellectuals in other areas of knowledge. It will only speak to my future works and my own personal growth. Studying painting on this isolated island will allow for me and the students to recognize the patterns in nature, The impressionists Cezanne and Pisarro stated that when they looked at nature close enough they started to see particles of light. “It is in our DNA to explore. I look forward to bringing the idea that exploration occurs in many places…including painting and space.”

It is through her exploration of life, adversity, strength, weakness and passion that Bonita Helmer has achieved such success as an artist. It is clear that her curiosity and fortitude supported her in her goals of becoming a successful painter.

“If you have a passion it can lead you anywhere. If the passion is there…just keep going,” says Helmer. “It is a personal one on one experience….keep the passion and don’t let anything distract. Relationships, children, parents. friends….stick with it no matter what.”

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Stopping Ovarian Cancer


This year approximately 21,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with

ovarian cancer and more than 14,000 women will die from the disease. This problem is not going away: the incidence of ovarian cancer is expected to double by 2050.

The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance (OCRFA) is doing a “Super Saturday Live” event in Los Angeles on June 11th. The event is a fundraiser to support OCRFA’s Ovarian cancer research, education and advocacy work. QVC, the home shopping network, is hosting a two-hour live broadcast that includes accessories, beauty, jewelry, apparel and electronics, all being sold at half the manufacturer’s retail price with 80% of the purchase price benefiting OCRFA’s programs.

Would you be willing to donate digital ad space to publish a PSA on your website? I’ve embedded a copy of the ed in one of 6 different sizes available below. If you are interested in supporting the fight against ovarian cancer and would like to find out more about this PSA, please contact me at ben@caminopr.com or via phone at 212-255-2575.

Eleven & Palm Beach Woman Promo

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High Society


Inaugural Luncheon for Grandma’s Place

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$86,000 Suncast® 1.50m Championship Jumper Classic


Jessica Springsteen and Davendy S. Photo credit: Sportfot.


Meet Lea Black — Book Signing, Sequin, Delray Beach

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Miami Cultural Champion Award

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Letter from the Publisher

lmm102_cmykThere is something really magical that happens when you create space in your life to map out what you really want to manifest. Your dreams instantly start to spark a deep conversation within yourself and then with the Universe that says you’re ready for action and then things begin to happen. After a long season (and I do not mean in the traditional sense). I knew the time had come for great partnerships in all areas of my life. This is a continued process by the way.  For me, it is this: Make peace with what you leave behind and bless the truly amazing person it’s made you. Appreciate the people and lessons you’ve been given and walk boldly into your future with love, gratitude and a new intention. You’re right where you’re supposed to be.

I made the plans and set out to find the right people, places and things. I set my intentions high and prayed and gave it over to the Universe and my God. Things shifted. I found new answers by way of new work in different areas, new learning experiences, new health and well-being and lastly new partnerships. I welcome it all and I am happy to introduce you to my new partner and editor in our company Women of Worth Media Group – Sarah Martin.

I met Sarah quite a while back and watched her grow and take on Delray and various projects. I liked her then and I love her now. She is smart. That is a good thing, And she gets it- full of ideas and hope that transpires into doing. We complement each other in really good ways – me, the New York City girl and her – The Southern one. We plan on bringing you the partnerships, events, ideas and love for what we do – to complement what you are doing, where you are going, and who you want to become. Giving you resources, ideas, platforms and touchpoints to make a big difference, to live life better, do better and be better.

Move forward with purpose.  xoxo


Letter from the Editor

sarahWomen of Palm Beach! My first letter to you as Editor of Palm Beach Woman Magazine…..I cannot believe this day has come! It is such an honor to have the opportunity to connect with the fabulous women of Palm Beach and delve into what makes you tick.

Palm Beach Woman Magazine represents to me the women of Palm Beach County who are women of successful business, women who challenge conventional philosophy, women who impact the community and the real unsung heroes of today. I congratulate all of you that push forward in your lives…meeting every challenge with solutions….and just being amazing.

It is with great excitement that I now get to celebrate women and their successes through this publication. Helping to guide you during your struggles and inspiring you in your lives with engaging articles, featuring inspiring women, creating opportunities for you to engage with one another and learn from one another….and sometimes….to just let lose and enjoy life.

It is not by accident that I have always had a strong will to explore and push the envelope in life. I was surrounded by strong-willed women….entrepreneurial women….intelligent women…. women with southern hospitality….and women that know how to have a good time. These women have instilled in me the strength to take risks and taught me that life is about continual growth, development and taking the time to relish the moment.  I continue to share these virtues with my two daughters to this day.

Now, God has provided this opportunity for me to connect with the women of Palm Beach County and I can’t wait to meet you all!!  As I always say, “Life is an Adventure….make it epic!” So go for it…risk it. Don’t ask “What if?” Just enjoy the adventure and make sure to tell me all about it! We might even see you in the magazine!

Sarah Martin