Energize Your Soul

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By Jolie DeMarco
October is a month to energize your soul. This month brings a number 25 which enhances human inner balance and a number 1 that give you time to breathe and re-charge from your hectic lives.
What does energizing your soul really mean?
Well, we all have this pure energy in our bodies, sometimes it can be covered up by life’s obstacles. The true soul is pure and wants to stay that way. We always need to feel complete in life and for many people that is a lifelong task since “we humans” always want more of everything. Let’s talk about simply energizing your soul-imagine energy like high vibrational fuel for the body and mind but on a relaxed level.
We are made up of energy. This energy has frequencies of vibrations that affect our moods, thoughts, and how we others perceive who we are. These vibes can be crystal clear, muddled or anywhere in-between.
To be pure and clear is being without any “junk,” as I call it. Energizing yourselves to be clear and clean can be done by offering yourselves “you time.” This personal time is for you to notice how your body feels having clearer thoughts without chaos. That is my meaning of pure. Re- charging however is hard to do if you are the person who does “everything” for everyone else. Since you are taking time to read this-it means there is hope for you! You do want “me” time. Energizing your soul is taking a walk on the beach, riding a bike or sitting with no thoughts! Do something for you and allow yourself to enjoy those moments knowing you deserve them! Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 2.36.25 PM
November is a month to say “Yes!” At least this 2013 it is. It also is a number 11 which means making good decisions of what you say “yes” to.
I would like to express that the letters “n and o” are changed in the word November -according to me. I call this month “Yes- vember.” I renamed this month to this new happier name because intuitively I foresee this month’s vibes becoming very positive for most people. There will also be many good decisions you need to make so please be mindful before you decide anything.
I’m going to share a cute story about the month named November. Since the age of 6, my grandmother said to me: “Jolie, it’s almost November- your birthday is coming soon,” I replied awry and loudly” YES, grandma YES-vember!” I guess it was the vibration of the sound of yes, I liked rather than the vibrations that come from the word “no”.Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 3.00.30 PM