Technology’s Role in Women’s Empowerment

By Allison Lopez As a seasoned business woman, I lost $20,000 trying to build a website! I had done my research, but I still hired incorrectly. At the time, I remembered feeling very frustrated and confused, not empowered…. Read More

Five Top Techniques to Mix the Perfect Sales Cocktail

  By Anthony Caliendo Sales can be complicated! Whether you’re a career sales professional or just starting your first sales job, being a good salesperson can be frustrating and complex. Sell Yourself. My one universal concept that never… Read More


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] 7 Ways to Unlock Your Authentic Self By Christine Horner It’s not about raising the bar by expecting more out of yourself, your family life, or the world you live in. It’s about totally removing the bar,… Read More

Leadership Skills

7 Ways to Get Your Leadership Skills Noticed

Begin With YOU

Are you tired of ignoring that desire for more in life? Do you often feel like there is something bigger for you to accomplish in this lifetime? Maybe you’re just unsure of the next step to take.

Social Media Checklist for your Business

Courtesy of: The Whole Brain Group

Resources for Women

We love resources and research. And we love to share.   “As long as you are going to be thinking anyway, think big.” – Donald Trump Here are some websites that we found to have incredible resources for… Read More

Pinterest: How Will “Pinning” Grow My Business

Here are some facts that you can’t ignore: • 60% of major brands are on Pinterest. • 80% of this 3 year old company is young, affluent women, who LOVE to shop. • More than 80% of the… Read More

Leading Through the Economic Tsunami Without Drowning

The alternative is to become a “generic” leader, a basic manager who does not stand out in any way. In today’s fast-paced and ultracompetitive economy, generic leaders are rapidly on their way to becoming extinct – “average” is… Read More

A Few Good Men: Hamid Hashemi

When others were dazzled by special effects and swept away by outrageous plotlines, Hashemi looked at ways to improve the movie-going experience itself. His vision for a different kind of theater led to the founding of iPic Entertainment,… Read More

We Can Stem the Gender Gap

There is no easy way to explain why more women are not encouraged to follow STEM career paths. Some arguments assign blame to the media for fostering an image that scientists and mathematicians in our society are male…. Read More

A Few Good Men: Burt Rapoport

Award-winning restaurateur Burt Rapoport has led an impressive legacy in the South Florida restaurant scene for over the last thirty years. President of Rapoport’s Restaurant Group in Boca Raton, Florida, this long time restaurant veteran, currently operates more… Read More