BY FALON VELEZ, FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT OF TEACHGEEK MY PERSONAL FAVORITE APPS TO INCREASE BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY WHILE SAVING MONEY! I love technology! Always have…always will. In fact, while friends were playing sports and dressing dolls when I was… Read More

Committed to Passion

BY SARAH MARTIN PHOTOS BY: RICHARD A. COOKE Bonita Helmer is committed to her passion… Through many trials of womanhood, Bonita stuck to her brushes and continues to reap a successful career in Fine Art. Bonita Helmer sits… Read More

Cultural Champion

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Honoring Ruth Shack’s Pioneering Leadership That Championed A Cultural Evolution Ruth Shack’s leadership contributions are far reaching, to national and international levels. Cultural pioneers like Ruth Shack paved the way. Presenting Miami’s Cultural Champion Award to Ruth… Read More

Social Media

By Betsy Kent In just a few short years Social Media has evolved from a huge phenomenon to become part of nearly everyone’s life, and part of almost every business’ marketing efforts, in one way or another. -hand… Read More

Be the Change

Basic Principles in Room Design

  The ultimate goal of interior design is to produce a harmonious space that appeals to all the senses. There are many principles in design that act as artistic protocols which assist us in making a room engaging…. Read More

Page One

   Can you believe how fast summer flew? Many of us spent the season “on the hoof,” traveling to places near and far: We visited Paris and Spain, Colorado and New England, and spent our last hurrah in… Read More

High Society A List

He said…. She said.

1.  K.I.S.S.:  Keep it Simple Sweetheart! Studies show that men use half as many words as women do per day. So, ladies, “say it in five words or less” when communicating with a man. One of my clients was… Read More

Festive Imbibing

By Michael Cinque Wine styles change according to tastes of the wine reviewers. Bordeaux, for example, is usually now made to be drunk at a younger age, requiring less cellaring. Cabernets have grown more concentrated and higher in… Read More

Lacey Fox, From Portraits to Rockstars

Lacey Fox is an award winning artist with over 30 years of experience. She has been an artist from the time she could hold a brush. As a child, she was fascinated by photography and how a moment… Read More

The Codes of Female Friendship

I have a couple of very close friends I can vent anything to and I know they will be supportive while offering nonjudgmental, helpful advice. They are my go-to gals for just about everything. I also have friendships… Read More